A successful creative project requires research, analysis, planning and follow through.
Often one or more of these steps are missed and the effectiveness of the project suffers.
At Keys Creative, we follow a process that eliminates the guessing and leads us to the desired outcome.

  • UX/UI Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Friendly Support
Who We Are

Creative Team

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Designer | Director
Brett Studer
Brett has been working in communications, customer service, project management, design and development for the last 15yrs. He specializes in Branding, Content Creation, Web Design & Development, Photography and Project Management.
Blog Author
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Designer | Director
Nolan Demich
Nolan has been working as a Designer/Creative Director for over 25yrs, with clients ranging from West Beach and Sitka to the City of Victoria and the Squamish First Nations. He specializes in Custom Art, Lookbooks, Branding, Photography & Interior Design.
Blog Author
our Approach

Work Process


Exploring the problem

Whether you're an established business or in the start up phase, in our initial meeting, we'll gather all relevant information regarding the scope or your current project or problem. What stage you're currently at, what your expectations/goals are on completion of the project, and what the budget is.

Finding the solution

Based on the information collected in our initial meeting, we'll begin to research and explore possible solutions.
Who is the target user? What are their pain points? What strategy will allow us to successfully connect?


In prototyping we will rough out some concepts for our design solution. In doing this, we can present our ideas to our clients and hone in on the most effective way forward.

Building the product

Once we've dialed in our direction for the projection, we then move into the production stage. At this point whether it is print, web, merchandise or a combination, we are then able to manage the project to completion.

Launch and support

When the project is ready, we make sure it's an effective and sustainable launch.